Pohjolan toimitalo
Mimosa Sukanen

Everything you need to know about Kalevala

In the past, stories and poems served as great entertainment, which were sung in celebrations, weddings, and funerals. Kalevala is the national epic of Finland, which consists of thousands of poems from the 19th century.

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Friends at a winter event in Helsinki
Settling down
Jevgeni Särki

How to find local friends?

Friendship and good relationships with other people make our life better in many ways. In this article we talk about, how to find new friends if you are living in a foreign country and a culture.

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Spoken language
Zaki Azedani

100 most common words in spoken Finnish

I have gathered here 100 really common words in spoken Finnish language. Some of the words are so commonly used that one can easily begin to doubt whether this is spoken or written language?

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