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Suomi Sujuu makes learning Finnish useful and fun.

Welcome to learn together!


Our Wednesday meetings are on a break for a couple of weeks. We will continue again in 7.10.

"Learn Finnish in Finnish" meeting for everybody interested on Wednesdays

On Mondays we organise ”Opi suomea suomeksi”-tapaamisia edistyneille suomen puhujille.

On Mondays we have "Learn Finnish in Finnish" ZOOM meetings for advanced speakers.

Welcome along!

”A fun place to learn more about spoken Finnish and Finnish culture”
Mahmut oppii suomea

Learn Finnish in Finnish

Every Wednesday we have at 17.00-18.30 open meeting where you get to learn and speak Finnish

Advanced speakers

For advanced Finnish speakers we have meeting every Monday at 17.00-18.30

We are happy to spread the word about the joy of learning Finnish

Opi suomea suomeksi tapaaminen Lapinlahdessa