Why The Ultimate Finnish Notebook is a powerful tool for learning the Finnish language?


How is The Ultimate Finnish Notebook different from other learning materials? Why should you get it? Why is it worth the price?

The Ultimate Finnish Notebook is a powerful tool for learning the Finnish language. By using It you will get more out of other language learning materials. The most important thing in learning a language is to have a combination of materials and study methods that work for you. Examples of materials are textbooks (schoolbooks), applications, music, videos, and language classes. 

When you are learning new things in Finnish, add the words and phrases you've just learned to The Ultimate Finnish Notebook (UFN). The notebook is divided into 66 different topics. Find the topic that fits with the words and sentences that you've just learned and write them on the page for that topic. On the left page of every spread, there is a section that has a compilation of the important words and sentences about that topic in English and in Finnish. On the right page there's an empty grid paper section to which you can add your own notes.

Ultimate Finnish Notebookin ensimmäinen aukeama
Here is The Ultimate Finnish Notebooks first spread. On the left, there is a compilation of useful words and sentences that belong under the topic of "Greetings". On the right there is an empty grid paper section for the words and phrases that you have learned related to that topic.

UFN is different from other learning materials in that it evolves with the user. Textbooks and many other materials need to be updated when the user advances from a beginner to intermediate. The user compiles in the UFN the most important and relevant words. The compiling happens by utilising different source material. The end-result is that the notebook has a compilation of words and sentences that are important and relevant to you. You can revise the basics periodically and systematically. By doing this you can improve your language skill. 

When the notebook is totally filled with words and phrases, it contains 5000-6000 words from the Finnish language. What is the basis of this estimation? The left page contains over 3000 words and 700 sentences. The empty (right) pages can in theory contain another 3000 words if your primary goal is to compile as many words as possible. In many cases it is more likely that you will take the words that are already on the left pages and use them to form different type of sentences on the right page. 

3000 words make about 90-95 % of the words that are used in everyday language. By writing the relevant words to you in the empty pages you will increase the percentage. No other material for the Finnish language has so much organised space for words. The versatility of the UFN is unmatched comparing to other language learning materials.

Ultimate Finnish Notebook makaa pitkospuiden päällä.
Learning the Finnish language is an endless journey. Luckily, Ultimate Finnish Notebook is good company for the trip.


How do you get most out of this book? How often should you use it? What is the best way for learning new words using UFN?

To get the most benefit out of the notebook, use other learning materials with it. This was the reason why the book was made in the first place. When you have used numerous different books, exercise books, dictionaries, applications and other materials in the end you will find all the words in the UFN under the designated themes… as long as you have remembered to write them there. 

Examples of how to use the notebook: 

Lessons: you will learn how to introduce yourself and you will have a conversation exercise. You can look up UFN chapter 2. There you will find the topic "Introduction" and words belonging to that topic. If you cannot find the words that are used in the lesson, then you can add those words on the right page. You can also write the dialogue that you had with your partner in the empty page, if you think it is beneficial. 

Textbook: you are independently or on a lesson going through a chapter. The chapter is about work life. You will look up the UFN chapter 19. In the chapter are discussed different occupations. You will add the words from the textbook that are important to you to the empty right page of the UFN. 

Movies and Videos: You are watching interesting movies or videos from YouTube in Finnish and learning new words. You will look up the meaning of the word from a dictionary or by using google and after that, you will add the new words under the right chapter. 

Applications: you are using Duolingo or other application to learn Finnish language. When you learn something important, you add these new words and phrases to the chapter that it suits them best. 

The most important thing is that you find materials that work for you. That way you will use them more frequently. Make it a habit to revise systematically the things that you have learned previously. Ideally, you should learn something new daily. The most effective way to get results a language learning is to be persistent and systematic.

Kristian Muthugalage seisomass kirjansa kanssa.
Ultimate Finnish Notebook Is written by Kristian Muthugalage. Kristian is a Finnish Polyglot who can speak over ten languages.


What should you write on the empty pages? What resources should you use with the UFN? There are lots of options, such as: Duolingo, Clear News, Suomi Sujuu meetings etc.

On the empty pages you should write the words and sentences that are important to you and that you might need in future. On the left side you already have the words and sentences that you should know to be able to have a conversation regarding to that topic. When it comes to learning materials, you should choose them according to your needs. Learning a language can be divided into four different skills:

  • reading
  • writing
  • listening comprehension
  • talking

When you have decided what language learning skill you want to develop, then you can decide what materials you want to use for learning that skill as well as possible. The most important thing is to have a balanced combination that works for you. 

For example: I like to start the learning process by going to language lessons. In the lessons I can ask questions and I can also do language exercises with a partner. The teacher usually has a learning materials that you can use. Usually, there is a series of textbooks that are used in the lessons.

In addition to language lessons in my free time I also use applications such as Duolingo and Memrise. I read about interesting topics in Wikipedia and blogs. I also watch lots of movies on Netflix, and I also watch videos on YouTube. When I travel, I get to speak the language that I want to learn. By using all of these methods and techniques I learn new words and sentences. After learning them I add them to my notebook.

Here are some examples of language learning materials and methods. Next to the example is written on what aspect of the language skill it develops:

Music listening comprehension and speaking (if you sing along) 

Books (Textbook and others) reading and writing 

Videos (Movies, tv-shows etc.): listening comprehension and reading (subtitles) 

Applications (Duolingo, Memrise, others): reading, writing, and listening comprehension

Clear News: listening comprehension

Suomi Sujuu meetings listening comprehension and speaking 

Traveling listening comprehension, speaking, and reading


Ultimate Finnish Notebook is an excellent travel companion on the road on becoming fluent in the Finnish language. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate student by using this book and filling the empty pages, you will make sure that you have a strong foundation in the Finnish language. The notebook is there when you want to revise a certain topic. The notebook is the best place to store words and sentences so that you can find them quickly and easily.

If you are serious about learning the Finnish language then you should seriously consider getting this notebook. It is a tool that supports all the other methods and materials you are using to learn the Finnish language.

Half of the profit from every Ultimate Finnish Notebook sold online goes to support Suomi Sujuu's operations.

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