Here you can find useful materials that help you to learn Finnish in a way that suits you.

Suomi Sujuu Miniguide

With this 29 page guide you will learn a lot of interesting things about Finnish language and Helsinki.

Quizlet courses

Quizlet is a flashcard app. With this app you can learn new words and revise familiar words so that they stay fresh in your memory.

Everyday Finnish

Learn 50 common Finnish words and phrases that you might bump into in your everyday life. 

“Do you eat here or take away?” 

“Do you need a plastic bag? What about a receipt?”

100 most common words in spoken Finnish

Have you noticed that Finns speak differently from way they write?

They speak spoken Finnish in which many of the words are totally different from the written Finnish. “Asunto” becomes “kämppä” and “work” becomes “duuni”. 

On this Quizlet course you will learn the most common words from the spoken language.

Ultimate finnish notebook

The cover of Ultimate Finnish Notebook

Ultimate Finnish Notebook has the most common words and the most important phrases in Finnish language. All these are divided into 66 different categories so that you can find the words you need quickly and easily. 

Ultimate Finnish Notebook is a great tool that supports you in your journey from a beginner to a fluent Finnish speaker. This book is written by Kristian Muthugalge. He is a Finnish polyglot who speaks over 10 languages.


Graphic Designer Denise Dou has created fine Finland related images that you can use as a wallpaper on your phone and computer.

More images made by Denise can be seen at her Facebook and Instagram pages

Ultimate Language Notebook

The cover of ultimate language notebook by don cristian ramsey

Do you want to learn common words and useful phrases in a smart and systemised way?

If your answer is “Yes” you’ve come to the right place!

Ultimate Language Notebook is a book that helps you to learn the most common words and phrases in your target language. You just need to fill in the pages. This book is written by Kristian Muthugalage. He is a Finnish polyglot who speaks over 10 languages.